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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just for fun: Selective Attention test

This is an updated video of a 1999 experiment by Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris.


  1. That IS interesting. I knew about the gorilla and easily saw it. I kind of noticed the curtain changing color but was so busy thinking about how easy to spot the gorilla, how could anyone NOT spot the gorilla, I didn't really identify it as a curtain-color-change--I vaguely thought the lighting had shifted and then shifted back, but then I lost train of that thought. I definitely missed the player in black leaving.

    Oh, and I only counted 15 passes from players in white, but there were 16. I presume I missed a pass while all the excitement was happening?


  2. I knew about the gorilla too, but it took me about three viewings to spot the player leaving. That's why I posted this clip and not the original one from 1999. I hoped that even those people who knew about the gorilla would still be surprised.