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Monday, November 7, 2011

Global warming is real

In case you needed any more evidence, here are two more studies showing exactly that.  The first study, the Berkelely Earth Surface Temperature Study, is a review of the data from 15 sources compiled from almost 40,000 different surface temperature stations around the Earth.  This study, run by Berkeley physicist and former global warming skeptic Richard Muller, confirms that the Earth is getting warmer.  Muller himself was surprised at how closely the new data matched that of the previous studies.

Comparison of data showing decadal land-surface average world temperature changes from 15 different sources, some going back as far as 1800.

In case you aren’t familiar with the acronyms:
NASA GISS—NASA Goddard institute for Space Studies
NOAA—National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
HadCRU—Hadley center Climate Research Unit (the group that had been accused of scientific malfeasance by global warming deniers, but was later cleared of all wrongdoing).

Credit: Image courtesy of Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature.

The Berkeley study only went back a couple of centuries.  The next study, by Svante Bj√∂rck of Lund University, goes back 20,000 years.  By examining ice cores from both the Northern and Southern hemispheres, he was able to show that the warming going on today is unlike previous warming events in Earth’s history.  On previous occasions, only one hemisphere warmed at a time, not both as is happening now.  This is evidence that the climate change we see is caused by an external force, namely us.