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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Robonaut gets some new legs

Ever hear of Robonaut? Even if you haven't, you've probably guessed that it's a robotic astronaut. In other words, it's a robot that's designed to help out on space missions. Robonaut just received a new pair of legs. Apparently, it will be even more helpful now that it can grip things with its toes.

This is a bigger change than you might think. Since it's arrival on the International Space Station (ISS) three years ago, Robonaut has had to make due with only an upper body. Once its legs have been properly attached, it will be able to move about the ISS.
Robonaut attached to Centaur 1 cart

Among Robonaut's tasks are to assist with medical procedures. Now it will be able to to go to its patients.

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