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Monday, September 23, 2013

Treating asthma? Say it with a song

So, some new guidelines on treating asthma have come out and you want to make sure your fellow hospital staff are up to date on the changes. You could pass around memos and emails and hope people will bother to read them. Or, you could follow the example of Tapas Mukherjee from Glenfield Hospital and sing about it.

Mukherjee presented his findings at the European Respiratory Society Annual Congress. Before his video appeared on social media sites, only 62% of the health care professionals at Glenfield Hospital had even heard of the new asthma guidelines. Two months later, 100% were aware of them. More importantly, asthma management had also improved during that time.

Of course, the increased awareness might not have been due solely to the video. Hospital staff did have two more months to become acquainted with the new asthma treatment protocols through other means. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if at the very least, the song helped people remember to follow the guidelines. After all, it's so catchy.

(If this doesn't play directly, click the YouTube icon at the bottom right).

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